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Utilizing Local Food

The menu in Peirce operates on a three-week rotation. Worth-Cappell plans the menu at the beginning of the semester to have a general idea of what will be served each day. Our local food program, however, is more variable, and the menu is not always a good indicator of what will actually be served on a given day. The official rotation provides a guideline, but if Marsh finds a low price on butternut squash at the produce auction, the chefs and cooks will have to adjust the menu to use it. Standard menu items also take advantage of local food on a regular basis. For example, there is nearly always some sort of local vegetable dish at dinner. In the summer and early fall, there are often sautés of green beans and cherry tomatoes; later in the season, there are steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. A favorite vegetarian dish is “squash boats,” halved summer squash, zucchini or winter squash, usually stuffed with wild rice, mushrooms and cheese.

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